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About me

It's pretty simple: You can't take care of your pet and I am happy to assist in providing the care that your pet is used to, while you are gone. My name is Susanne  and I have been an animal lover all my life. Although my parents only allowed little pets like bunnies and birds, the first thing I did once I moved out was to get a dog, and I had one ever since. I am married to Paul  and the happy mother of 2 adult children, Max and Mia. Our beloved   a lab/ boardercollie mix Mocha- THE BEST DOG EVER passed away in January of 2017. We currently have 3 adopted dogs, Misty Mae, Maliboo and Lena.. 

I am a certified, professional trained pet sitter and specialized in :


  • care for pets with special needs

  • positively reinforce your commands

  • take care of senior pets

  • administering medications & give insulin

  • pet First Aid

  • insured & bonded


Services included on all of our visits:


  • quality time with your pet

  • play time, walks, petting  and brushing as requested

  • cleaning of pet area

  • clean  all utensils, food, and water bowls

  • pick up poop

  • clean and/or change the litter box

  • clean up any inside accidents

  • bring in mail and papers as requested

  • take care of trash cans

  • send you text or email during each visit

  • give them the same care and love they receive  from YOU

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